Hickory Ridge Golf Course

Hickory Ridge Golf Course can be more than proud of their female members that won two trophies at Spring Team Matches Cups.

Not a Single Course, but Two Titles

Talented and dedicated female competitors won two trophies for Hickory Ridge Golf Course. Sherry Webb, who has been a golf course member for 35 years now is gladdened by the victory since it’s one of the course’s biggest accomplishments. She points out that even though they had a lot of triumphs in the past and moments of happiness that this victory is especially valuable. Both teams won, and that fact makes this accomplishment more precious. Sherry Webb adds that even though she understands that Hickory will not be there for them anymore, she still hopes that someone will win Powerball and change the whole situation.

Hickory Ridge and Applied Golf are not sovereign of the entire golf industry, and the general occurrences and trends in the industry influence the course and the group that owns it. Consequently, the design created by Geoffrey Cornish is being converted into a solar farm. Besides this, the off-season program didn’t play out as it was planned, as it was altered by town permits.

Sherry Webb is grateful to Mass Golf and to Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts since these organizations allowed Webb and her teammates to compete as two teams from Hickory Ridge. There were 15 women that competed from Hickory Ridge Women’s Association, and no one knew until winter what was going on with their course. They needed handicaps from their home course after they signed up for the competition. The problem was that the USGA affiliations were terminated and didn’t provide these women with handicaps any longer. Luckily, the Metropolitan Golf Association showed understanding.

Love for Golf and Long Friendships Win Trophies

The Hickory Ridge is not in the state it was during the past decades. Despite all the efforts, the course is in worse shape than it was ever before. Luckily, this didn’t stop the strong-willed female golfers from winning the title even when they didn’t have a course. The women from Hickory Ridge have won their final match on Thursday by beating Waubeeka. They greeted the spring with a wonderful accomplishment — winning the Spring Team Matches Cups!

The team number 15 was not obligated to be the host this time. The two teams from Hickory were organized by Carol Anderson, while Bette Norton led the No. 16. As Sherry Webb remembered the highlights and the atmosphere, she brought up friendship and love towards the sport as things that definitely marked the event. The women of Hickory are all old friends who love spending their time together and all that they do, they do primarily for each other out of friendship and love. Also, the women were happy because this time, they had a chance to compete with some of the best and the strongest teams, such as Waubeeka, Crumpin-Fox, and Taconic. All in all, Sherry Webb, alongside other women from Hickory course are glad they had such a wonderful, enriching, and challenging experience that they went through together, as friends.