Matt-Maddox Wynn Resort

Katherine Maddox, Wife of Wynn Resorts CEO, to Undergo Six Months of Counseling

After striking her husband multiple times during their stay at the Red Rock Resort last month, Katherine Maddox, the wife of Wynn Resorts CEO, must withstand six months of domestic violence counseling. Furthermore, court records show that she must also perform at least 48 hours of community service.

The couple was having dinner and drinks at the T-Bone Chophouse, April 27. According to the police report, the couple had an argument while walking through the casino, which led to Katherine becoming angry. The fight escalated and Maddox hit her husband twice in the face and kicked him once, according to her arrest report.

Officers who responded to the incident observed no injuries on Matt Maddox. He was unwilling to write a voluntary statement for the police.

Katherine Maddox later told the police she had “smacked him with an open hand” several times during their Uber ride home. However, she adds that her violent outburst was a response to Matt trying to grab her phone out of her hand.

After reviewing the casino’s video surveillance, police concluded that Katherine Maddox had, in fact, hit her husband “four to five times” and shoved him multiple times. Moreover, the video clearly shows Katherine striking Matt Maddox in his jaw, with a closed first, and slapping the phone out of his hand.

The Matter Was Resolved Peacefully

Ever since he took over as the CEO of Wynn Resorts, in February 2018, Matt Maddox can’t seem to catch a break. After Steve Wynn, the founder of the Wynn Resorts, resigned as a result of sexual allegations against him, the company had paid a $35 million fine. Additionally, Maddox himself was fined $500,000 (which the company also covered) and is attending leadership training.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission was unhappy with how the investigation of the allegations was performed and believes the training is necessary to ensure both Maddox and other Wynn Resort officials enforce the company’s policies better in the future.

This undoubtedly put a lot of stress on both Matt and Katherine, which may be the underlying reason for the incident. However, it would appear that the couple came to an understanding.

Katherine’s attorneys said on her behalf that the “matter has been resolved in a peaceful manner.” They add that she has the complete support of her husband, and reminded that this is a personal matter and that the family asks that their privacy be respected.

Matt Maddox had issued a statement with a similar message. In fact, he downplays the incident as a minor argument and highlights that nobody was hurt or is in any danger. According to the current Wynn Resorts CEO, it was merely a misunderstanding. “We are deeply in love and incredibly supportive of each other for twenty years.”

With the matter now officially being resolved in court, the couple abstains from further comments. The Resorts Board of Directors expressed their support for Matt and Katherine, again stressing out that this is now a private issue.

Court records indicate that, after completing counseling and community service, Katherine Maddox’s charge will be reduced to simple battery.