Springfield extends the deadline for marijuana

With the recent changes in the City of Springfield, there were numerous applications for potential marijuana retail stores. Half a year ago, the recreational marijuana was under the moratorium, and since then the city started accepting proposals for marijuana business.

Initially, they set the deadline at 2 PM on Monday. With many companies missing the deadline because of the unclear information and issues with the website, the City of Springfield decided to extend the period for another 48 hours.

There is no way to know how many companies missed the original deadline because of the Law Department website showing incorrect time. It is certain that many companies felt relief after hearing this news. The city’s deputy procurement officer Theo G. Theocles said that the extended deadline would be until 2 PM on Wednesday.

A representative of two competitors, Ezra Parzybok, admitted that he is pleased with the decision because both of the submissions he sent were around 4 PM, which now counts as “on time.” He further added that the competition for the market should be before competition for the right to open. Furthermore, praising city’s decision for the deadline extension. Several other candidates who missed the original deadline expressed gratitude for additional time and a chance to compete.

There are over 20 proposals for the opening of the marijuana business at the moment. The review committee will consider every submission. During the next few weeks, we will probably get some kind of information about the companies that might be opening new stores. After the committee has selected candidates, there will be several other things they must complete. Each of the companies will have to pass an inspection by the Cannabis Control Commission before they can proceed to open stores. In addition to executing the Host Community Agreement, they will have to schedule community meetings. In order to appeal to the local community, each company is going to present their idea to the public.

Mayor of Springfield Dominic J. Sarno said that they expect around four companies to go through the first round of marijuana stores in the city. There are over 15 known and approximately 10 yet unknown proposed locations for the future marijuana retail stores. The companies will anticipate the results, and the date of the selection will most likely be on June the 17th.