Vaping Illness in Massachusetts

Lung illness has become an issue in the entire country, and it is related to vaping. Currently, there are over three hundred reported cases, and the CDC announced that they are activating their emergency center in order to help with handling the crisis.

E-cigarettes gained popularity, especially with a younger generation. These devices use heat to create aerosol which consumer inhales. There have been almost forty cases that could fit the criteria CDC announced for this new illness.

The Department of Public Health in Massachusetts declared that none of these cases have been confirmed yet. Furthermore, they said that there isn’t any lab test currently and that there are only descriptions of the illness.

At this point, there are thirty-six states that reported the issues of a severe lung disease that is linked to e-cigarettes or vaping, and at least seven people died across the country. They also said that they had cases of children being admitted at the ICU for respiratory failure.

Dr. Eleanor Muise from Boston Children’s Hospital said that more severe cases show almost as if lungs have an allergic reaction to the inhaled product. However, she also said that they had less severe cases.

Scientists reported that this disease is shown in patients that have a history of e-cigarettes use and that they had no signs of infection.

According to CDC reports, scanning showed that the lungs were abnormal in these cases. Among the early symptoms are chest pain, cough, fever, shortness of breath, nausea, and abdominal pain. They also said that steroids are able to help, while antibiotics aren’t. Furthermore, some patients required breathing support that can vary from oxygen to ventilator.

Doctors said that they keep getting reports of patients, mostly kids, feeling almost air-hungry. They also said that they weren’t able to breathe properly and that their bodies can’t get enough oxygen. There are even cases where there are swelling and even fluids in the lungs that make it almost impossible for oxygen to get into the bloodstream.

They ask for parents to be vigilant and to ask their kids about using these products. This way, they will be able to monitor oxygen levels if needed. Finally, they can be treated with steroids before their conditions worsen.

When it comes to e-cigarettes, the CDC reported that there is no consistency in products, substances, or any additives that were identified in all of these cases. They also said that there are no substances that can be linked to these pulmonary diseases.

One of the doctors said that they keep learning more and more about this illness and that they believe that it’s not a disease, but a syndrome instead.

They also said that they are uncertain if it’s caused by inhaling this vapor or aerosol, chemicals, or even the chemical reaction from heating this liquid. It can also be linked to the additives or the dosage the vaper gets. Since any of these things could be a cause, it is important to track and look into each of the cases and see what happens.

Currently, the CDC suggests not using e-cigarettes at all, especially when it comes to street purchases. The companies that create vapes and e-cigarettes keep telling that their product is safe, but we can be sure that it isn’t.

Public Health is currently tracking and investigating all cases, and they required a report of all cases related to vaping for the next twelve months.

According to a recent survey, every fifth student said that they vaped in the past thirty days. The number is six times higher than the one for the adults. Since the illness can take up to a few weeks to develop, CDC suggests that anyone with symptoms should seek medical help