A simulated game on Yankee Stadium awaits the Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi after the surgery.

Boston Red Sox Pitcher Gets Back on the Field

Yankee Stadium will host a simulated game where Nathan Eovaldi will put the success of the surgery he underwent to the test. He will throw against hitters at the end of this week. This Eovaldi’s simulated game will be an important test for the pitcher since, after the game, the decision will be made regarding his future games and rehab.

Alex Cora, the Boston Red Sox manager, thinks that a lot of factors will influence and determine Eovaldi’s fate. The starting pitcher had to undergo a serious medical procedure due to complications with his elbow. The procedure took place last month in New York City, and it’s still early to judge about Eovaldi’s recovery. The pitcher’s return to the game could have various outcomes, and even Cora doesn’t feel comfortable giving assessments or predictions.

The Red Sox pitcher had a fantastic start of the season, and if the simulated game goes well, he could continue improving his score. This season, Eovaldi has allowed 14 runs in 21 innings.