Recently, Encore Boston Harbor announced their plan to hold the Masterclass series this fall. All of the visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about wine, boxing, and about shucking oysters. Visitors will be able to attend these Masterclass series as well as wine dinners as long as they are twenty-one or older. Furthermore, dinners will offer wine and food pairings that were specifically selected by the Rare Steakhouse’s executive chef, Taylor Kearney. Besides, there will be wine sellers as well.

Interestingly, Encore is only a few months old. One of the newest casino additions to the Bay State opened on June 23. The reports say that the casino earned over two million each day for the first eight days. Furthermore, they reported that it made almost fifty million in June alone.

When it comes to events, the first one will be held on September 7, and it’s named “Boxing on the Green.” It will be an hour-long boxing class with a no-contact rule. Naturally, the class will be followed by a cooldown time at the Encore’s beer garden.

Four days later, there will be a wine dinner event at the Rare Steakhouse that includes incredible wine from Boich Family Cellar and dishes that were selected by Kearney. They announced that they plan on offering a four-course meal that will consist of chive gnocchi, roasted peach salad, cherry tart tatin, and a dry-aged strip.

Furthermore, near the end of September, there will be another wine and food pairing at the same location. However, this time, there will be Greg Linn’s repertoire like pinot noir, chardonnay, and syrah.

Finally, the last part of the program is reserved for Chef John Ross’s class. Visitors will have a chance to learn more about the entire ecosystem behind oyster farming. Besides, they will have the opportunity to learn about picking the right oyster, and finally, learn about the art of shucking. The whole session will end with a meal based on shellfish paired with different sparkling wines.