Cannabis Control Commission

The Cannabis Control Commission is expecting to relocate their base of operation by the end of the year. The new location for their permanent headquarters will be in the Union Station in Worcester. Furthermore, the office will be accessible by both trains, as well as buses.

CCC is a state agency that oversees implementing and administering the laws that are enabling the use of recreational, as well as medical marijuana. Since it has become legal, the marijuana industry in Massachusetts is nothing but growing.

Worcester Redevelopment Authority (WRA) is responsible for the whole Union Station, and they agreed to authorize the 10-year lease. WRA is in charge of all the urban planning, relocations, and any public improvements.

At the moment, the location of their temporary offices is in the Boston financial district. The main reason for their need for new offices is that the agency is working in multiple locations. The staff that’s in charge of medical marijuana is in the same place they were in several years ago. The only difference is that they were working for the Department of Public Health before. Everything complicates even further, due to different locations of their meetings all over Boston.

The company chairman Steven Hoffman said that they are expecting to move its headquarters to central Massachusetts by the end of the year. In addition, he also added that he is looking forward to the entire company moving in the same place as a family.

One of the most appealing things about their future headquarters is the proximity of the train and bus stations they reported. Furthermore, they expect it will be easier to travel across the state from their new location.

The new office space has over 14,000 square feet, including 25 offices, 53 workstations, conference rooms, and a parking spaces said executive director Shawn Collins. On last Thursday, Cannabis Control Commission authorized Collins to execute a lease in Boston’s Downtown for a satellite office. The new satellite office will be but a few blocks away from their new headquarters.

While they officially announced that the Union Space location would be renovated for the Cannabis Control Commission near the end of 2018, they estimated that the whole process might last near 10 months. The latest news report further delays in plans. As of now, the entire relocation process is might last until December. Unfortunately, they will have to remain housed in temporary offices for a little longer. The reports said that they had to submit a request to extend their current lease. The reason for that is that their current lease has expired in May. Nevertheless, everyone is still hopeful and waiting to move to the new offices by the end of the summer.