TD Garden

If you are coming to the preseason game this week between Philadelphia Bruins and Boston Bruins, you will probably notice that TD Garden looks a bit different. Firstly, the traditional yellow and black seats that were initially installed in 1995 will be replaced. Now, there will be new ergonomic chairs, all-black and with thicker cushioning. But that isn’t all. Even ticket holders that are on the balcony will get padding on both the back and the bottom, which is without a doubt an upgrade.

However, the seats aren’t the only change that you’ll notice. Delaware North will continue with their $100 million expansion that they announced last year. Amy Latimer, the president of TD Garden, said that they will give their best to upgrade the building and that she hopes that people won’t be able to believe that the building is over twenty years old.

Latimer added that the capacity is increasing thanks to renovations, but that the bulk of the work still consists of one-for-one seat replacements. There will be more space for a slightly bigger crowd, as well as concourses that are expanded by roughly twenty percent. In addition, there will be more bathrooms on levels four and seven, with even more options for food and beverages.

Interestingly, there will be cantilevered seats for players looking for something new. The seating area will directly overlook the ice or court, and it will be available in November.

Of course, that’s not all. There will be a new spot in the building as well. The Black Row Bar is now on level eight, directly behind the last row of the balcony. Furthermore, there are fifty-seven stools, as well as three large TVs facing the ice or court.

There are even more changes that are yet to be revealed. Latimer admitted that they feel like they are a brand new building. Additional changes to the premises include five hundred parking spaces, new screens for the court video board, and locker rooms.