INSA is one of the four companies that received approval for opening their shop in Springfield. Shortly after they were given the green light, they announced that they would be donating almost  $100,000 to help science program and schools in Springfield. They said that their decision was personal and that it had nothing to do with the city’s decision.

Two out of three company owners were part of the ECOS when they were students, and they decided to give something in return.

Justin Hurt, City Council President, and one of the counselors, Adam Gomez, mentioned a potential problem and asked for an explanation. They wondered why the INSA was donating money specifically to Riverfront Park and ECOS, and not any other program. According to the proposal by the City’s Major Sarno, they will have to donate $5,000 every year for five years to each of the recipients.

They also wanted to know why the other three companies that received licenses didn’t have a similar plan in their proposed agreements. City’s lawyer, Tasheena Davis, said that this wasn’t a part of the agreement with the city and that it was completely voluntary.

INSA’s lawyer, Melinda Phelps, said the two the INSA owners attended the ECOS plant science and horticulture ECOS program, and that it was the main inspiration for them to start their own marijuana business. She also said that they wanted to give something back to the city and repay them for getting them into the marijuana business.

One of the retired teachers in ECOS said that they were thrilled and gratified that they received a donation from the former students and that they are sure that it will have a positive impact on the current generation at ECOS.

INSA also said that they would donate twenty thousand each year to Riverfront Park for the next five years. The donation will be used for improvements and maintenance.

Gomez admitted that he liked some agreements while disliking others. He didn’t specify which ones he liked, and he only said that he wants what’s best for the people of Springfield.