Red Sox Ryan Brasier

Red Sox were leading the game for eight innings until Ryan Brasier ruined his team’s chances of winning.

The Terrible Ninth Inning

The Red Sox lost to Indians 7–5 after a series of Ryan Brasier’s bad pitches. The Sox pitcher ruined his team’s stable score and allowed Indians to score two home runs. Indian’s batters took advantage of Ryan Brasier’s poor performance. Greg Allen and Roberto Perez turned the situation around for Indians, and Jordan Luplow secured the victory for his team.

Red Sox were leading the game during the first eight innings, and then everything changed. The ninth inning turned out to be the worst for Sox, as Ryan Brasier stepped into the game. The annoying rain that caused a 69-minute delay and puddles that were all around the field turned out to be the least of Red Sox’ problems that evening.

Starters Zach Plesac and David Price had good performances, even though luck and experience weren’t on their sides. David Price came to the game just days after he suffered the flu, while Zach Plesac’s performance on Fenway Park was the player’s debut game in the big-league. However, these two players didn’t let these circumstances influence their game, and they left the field with a decent score behind them. Zach Plesac suffered the hitch in the sixth inning when the game ended for him. The starter seemed to be doing fine until Rafael Devers came to the scene and got him into a problem.

Some Good Stats and Some Unforgiving Mistakes

Mike Freeman brought some luck to Sox when he allowed them two runs. The Cleveland Indians’ second baseman recorded two outs, and Sox used this to establish an impressive 3–0 lead. The eighth inning was hard for Marcus Walden, and Matt Barnes later replaced him. Barnes had a good score against Jordan Luplow and Jose Ramirez.

Michael Chavis ended the game with good statistics thanks to his performance in the eighth inning when Sox were leading 4–2. Chavis also salvaged a run with a diving stop in a duel with Jake Bauers. Before the fiasco from the ninth inning, Steve Pearce granted Sox a 5–2 lead. The score that Sox built throughout the eight innings fell apart later on as Brasier failed to record an out when his ERA fell to 3.97. Consequently, Sox dropped to 29–26, as they suffered their biggest defeat this year.

The game was not a complete failure for Sox, as Devers’ statistics became a part of baseball history. Dwight Evans and Devers are now the only two Red Sox players that scored an extra-base hit and a run in eight games in a row.