Braiser’s Losing Streak

After his pitching on May 14 at Fenway Park, Ryan Brasier appeared to be an unpredictable and risky team member and a big surprise for the Sox.

The Surprising Regression

Since the Red Sox needed to make the plan that doesn’t include Craig Kimbrel, Barnes and Brasier started to appear as the likeliest choices. While Barnes was creating impressive statistics, Brasier didn’t demonstrate such scores.

In 2018, Brasier’s statistics were highly unexpected as the player reached 1.60 ERA in 33.2 innings and shined in the postseason. However, things changed as Brasier regressed and Brandon and Walden have improved their games. Alex Cora commented on the player’s regression and stated that the general impression on Tuesday game was that Brasier didn’t have things under control. The pitcher has tried to make a good swing, but the stats were bad in spite of his efforts.

The game on Tuesday wasn’t the only bad one for Brasier, but it was the worst one. On April 17, the game with Brett Gardner quickly turned out to be devastating for Brasier. After this fiasco, he piled up more of bad stats on May 14.

Brasier commented on his bad performance from May 14 saying that he had made a few mistakes with his pitches and that he paid for those mistakes throughout the game. The player is not going easy on himself as he blames his own bad game for failures and takes full responsibility.

Ryan’s Game Not as Predictable as the Sox Thought

Last week Brasier gave Sox fans some relief as he had four perfect innings. Unfortunately, this improvement of his game remained only a temporary and short phase that ended with meeting with Cleveland. Brasier remains disappointed in his pitching, scores and general performance on the field. He regrets that he wasn’t able to repeat his last week game with four perfect innings.

It seems as bad statistics follow this player in all segments of the game; Brasier fell from 4.14 to 2.57, and the number of walks that he issued already exceeds last year’s number. The low scores put the pitcher now behind Workman, Barnes, and Walden, and his position in the team is far from impressive.

Brasier turned out to be a risky choice and unpredictability for the Sox that had seen him as a safe bet and reliable choice. Too many surprises that Brasier has brought to the team showed that the player is a true wild card for the Sox. However, a losing streak and bad stats don’t have to influence Brasier’s future performances, especially if the player tries to leave this unfortunate experiences far behind him and move on.