Boston Pride

For the next NWHL season, 2019–2020, the Boston Pride will be the only team that’s independently owned. Miles Arnone, who is one of the managing partners in a firm called Cannon Capital, acquired the team just before the beginning of the season.

Previously, we had Pegula Sports and Entertainment which, last year, acquired the Buffalo Beauts. However, NWHL repurchased the team in the summer, and at the moment, the league had full control of all five teams.

Recently, NWHL congratulated Arnone on his recent acquisition, saying that they were grateful for his and his investors’ belief and interest in their players and league. They also said that Miles Arnone has both love for the game as well as deep connection with the whole New England community. They added that the new ownership was quite passionate and committed to the team and that they were confident that they would manage to set new standards, showing how professional a women’s hockey team can be in the country. Finally, they believe that dedication and investing in Pride’s development, infrastructure, and every other aspect will be a game-changer for the league.

Arnone is a resident of Massachusetts, and he bought the club facilitation from The Sports Advisory Group.

Michael Arnone said that he had been aware of the NWHL for several years and that his kids, who also love playing hockey, are fans of the Pride. He also noted that he was inspired and impressed with the skill and level of play in the league.

Recently, Arnone invested in another company, Chipwich, which is currently a sponsor for the entire NWHL.

When it comes to the future of the team, new plans consider youth hockey initiatives, finding and hiring a president for the team, improving marketing, and improving player accommodations and travel arrangements.

The current partnership that Pride has with Bruins will remain the same, and they hope it will expand in the future. They are also the only team in the entire league that has an explicit partnership with the NHL.

Arnone also added that his main goal was to promote and popularize girls and women’s hockey, hoping that it would expand their current fan base. That will give many opportunities for the professional league to have an even broader audience. For Pride, the season will officially begin on October 5 when they will face Metropolitan Riveters.